We offer our clients the opportunity to test samples or whole products in laboratories of their own choice, upon request.

All EUROtrade S.A. anti-ballistic products are certified according to the following standards, for various ballistic levels per each standard:

  • NIJ
  • EN 1063
  • EN 1522
  • EN 1523

EUROtrade S.A. XS-Test: (3 Steps Testing)

Our products are tested in circumstances exceeding by far the standards requirements.

Test 1:  Body & Glass:  6 FairHits With AK 47  (762X39mm AP)



Test 2:  Body & Glass:  1  Fair Hit With Machine Gun Browning (0.50 FMJ)




Test 3:  Body:   250gr. C4 Plastic (Attached to Steel plate)

C4 Plastic on Septagon Bulletproof Cabin Steel plate

Private Ballistic Resistance Test:  (Multiple Shots)

Purpose: Testing Glass & Steel plate from different angles and distances.

Model:  Aspis Septagon 360 View Bulletproof Cabin

Ammunition:    0.44Magnum /  12 Gauge Single Ball / 12 Gauge 9  Ball / 762X39mm AP (AK47) / 30-06 FJNB M1 Mauser

  • Shotgun 12 Gauge 1 Ball X1 / .44 FJRNSC X3 / Shotgun 12 Gauge 9 Ball X3