The bullet proof sentry box TITAN offers high level bullet proof armour and a repelling appearance for the armed forces, public buildings, services and organizations. The perfect symmetry offers the construction anthropomorphic features.

With overlapping armoured plates covering the steel surface, a direct reference to ancient Asian suits of armour has been achieved.

The negative slope of the window glazing adds crucial space to the interior of the guard house, depriving at the same time the attacker of the advantage of reflection.

The design provides for the manual control of the ventilation system as well as for the anti vandal protection for the external A/C unit.


Titan Bulletproof Cabin  Military & Civil Use

  • FB7 EN 1522 EN 1523
  • BR7 EN 1063
  • NIJ LEVEL IV 0801.01
  • Titan Bulletproof Cabin Green Army
    Titan Bulletproof Cabin Green Army



Protecting the Private Sector

  • Bulletproof Cabin Titan - Protecting the Private Sector