The bullet proof sentry box ASPIS is suitable for residences, industrial buildings, hospitals and wherever else discreet armouring is needed.

It has been designed with the aim of being discrete, versatile and impenetrable. In full compatibility with international ballistic standards, the ASPIS guard house can be adapted to the architecture of the surrounding space, eitheras it is –being attached to smooth plastered surfaces– or coated with decorative materials (cladding, brick or stone) as per the architectural surrounding demands.

The design also provides for the protection of the external A/C unit.




Aspis Bulletproof Cabin  Military & Civil Use

  • FB7 EN 1522 EN 1523
  • BR7 EN 1063
  • NIJ LEVEL IV 0801.01

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    UNHCR Offices Aspis Sentry Box

Aspis Sentry Box Mirror Standard Sizes (Civilian)

Mirror Cladding. Sentry Box Adapted to Architectural environment.   New National Opera House Athens Greece.  Non Aggressive approach & High level of Protection.

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    Aspis Mirror Cladding


Aspis Bulletproof Cabin Custom Made Solutions (Civilian)

Aspis Bulletproof Cabin Custom Made Solutions (Army)

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